The best fruits supplied to the dessert industry.


Surmont’s modern production facilities and advanced technologies allow us to provide berries and other fruits based on the specific needs of each individual client, while maintaining consistently high quality and guaranteeing wholesome goodness. Major food brands already choose the experience and reliability of Surmont for their products.

Quality is guaranteed thanks to our long-standing and exclusive relationships with suppliers of fruit. We conduct ongoing monitoring, including frequent on-site inspections, in order to ensure compliance with the specifications of the customer.
We have qualified, expert and experienced personnel with knowledge gained over many years of work in Surmont. The production area dedicated to the selection of raw materials uses state-of-the-art machinery such as the laser beam selector used to detect and remove impurities.
Over the years, the company has become highly specialised in the supply of forest fruits, in terms of both areas of origin and of product variety.