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Semi-finished products made from mushrooms and vegetables for the food industry using both Surmont recipes as well as those of our clients. Attention to quality is paramount in the selection of mushrooms, vegetables and fruit. Expertise, quality control at every stage, stringent quality specifications with manufacturers and traceability are the guarantee of superior standards and quality products to all our customers. Flexibility in our production lines means Surmont is able to meet specific requirements developed in collaboration with our customers’ R & D departments.

Surmont’s unrivalled knowledge of raw materials and the flexibility of our production lines means we are able to meet specific requirements developed in collaboration with our customers’ R & D departments.
We use nitrogen freezing technology that allows us to prepare IQF semi-finished products very quickly. Surmont is synonymous with traditional gastronomic culture applied to high-quality frozen foods.
Thanks to our gastronomic tradition, coupled with the constant development of new products, the semi-finished foods division continues to grow, consolidating ever more our relationship with discerning chefs seeking high quality, innovation and competitive pricing.
Our extensive experience in frozen goods means we are able to offer quality products without waste or the release of excess water. 
Original products but with close attention paid to authentic tastes, as you would expect from quality products. Great attention to detail. Simple labels, a limited number of carefully-selected quality ingredients, free from preservatives, additives or genetically-modified ingredients.