Food service

Surmont has developed a range of solutions dedicated to meet the needs of the catering industry: mushrooms and fruit, vegetable specialties and frozen ready-to-use (or semi-finished) products. In addition, we offer the Fungolosi range of specialty porcini, champignon and mixed mushrooms. They come pre-cooked, ready to use, and are appreciated by chefs in Italy and abroad.

An extensive range of wild mushrooms to meet the creative needs of the most discerning of chefs. Selected by Surmont after being picked by hand by expert staff in the most pristine forests worldwide. In addition, we offer many cultivated mushrooms for the most delicate palates. The variety of cuts and blends completes an unbeatable range.
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The products in the food service range combine the excellent quality of Surmont specialties with the practicality of freezing, which facilitates storage and ensures minimum waste. A range of vegetable specialties to meet the creative needs of the most discerning of chefs: healthy, natural and semi-finished products which are ready to use.
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Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and many others, guaranteed by the Surmont expertise. All packed in convenient large-format packaging, which makes for an easily portionable product. Solutions greatly appreciated by chefs in Italy and abroad.
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A food culture steeped in tradition allows us to develop products which offer high added value, and which guarantee the best kitchens a more consistent level of quality, with easy-to-read labels, ingredients and high-quality raw materials. Our semi-finished products become an indispensable kitchen aid.
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