Customised solutions for the food industry.


Surmont provides food industry-specific products to major food companies for manufacturing and packaging: vegetable specialties available in different sizes and cuts designed for the needs of this sector. Listening to the demands of our industrial customers is an essential condition for the creation and maintenance of relationships based on trust and mutual cooperation.

Surmont’s system makes use of manufacturing partners in Italy and from other parts of the world with whom we have enjoyed decades-long partnerships. More than 90% of our purchases come from partner suppliers. The experience acquired enables us to source and identify those production areas which are ideally suited to individual crop types; within these areas the ideal partners for the production system required are then selected.
The variety of products offered by the company means the company can meet the specialised needs of the industrial sector, while the large range of different cuts and sizes available ensures we are able to cater for the specific needs of our customers. Surmont has an ongoing research program to ensure we constantly offer new products.
Surmont’s dedicated logistics department is devoted to the collection and delivery of goods internationally, thus ensuring accurate and timely service to the customer.