Mushrooms, nature’s gifts: Surmont expertise on the table.


We offer a wide range with a choice of the market’s most popular porcini, champignon and mixed mushrooms, delivered either raw in various forms or sautéed ready for use.

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Our product brand "Cucina Sartor" is a line of mushrooms recognised for its high quality: each pack contains the tastiest, most fragrant mushrooms, hand selected and packed in Italy. The great flexibility we offer regarding the composition of the mix means we can meet the specific requirements of every customer.
Surmont has great experience in the growing and transformation of Italian-grown mushrooms.
Quality is guaranteed thanks to our long-standing and exclusive relationships with suppliers of mushrooms. We conduct ongoing monitoring, including frequent on-site inspections, in order to ensure compliance with the specifications of the customer.
We have qualified, expert and experienced personnel with knowledge gained over many years of work in Surmont. The production area dedicated to the selection of raw materials uses state-of-the-art machinery such as the laser beam selector used to detect and remove impurities.
The company is compliant with production chain traceability standard ISO 22005. This is a useful tool which generates added value regarding the specific characteristics regarding origin and product processing in order to effectively meet the customer requirements.