The ready meals category is developing all the time based on product innovation and our unrivalled ability to offer new recipes and dishes. Surmont delivers original and exclusive products for both its own trademark and for private label partners, providing professional consulting services to develop the offering and define the range.

The recipe for success for Surmont products is a simple one. Italian cuisine with a dash of creativity and all-natural preparation without flavourings or additives. This, combined with exclusive technologies designed to develop traditional cooking methods, allows the company to deliver delicious, wholesome dishes just as if they were made at home.

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First courses
New recipes and solutions to respond promptly to the changing tastes of consumers. Creamy Risotto with green Asparagus or Prosecco and strawberries; Gnocchi with gorgonzola or Sorrentina-style; Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms…these are just a few of our recipes.
Ready-to-use Sauces
"The great taste of Sartor sauces", the creative interpretation of Italian cuisine with naturally prepared sauces made from fish, meat or mushrooms.
Mushroom, farro or legume and cereals soups, or rice and vegetables, pasta and bean minestrones are just some of our product range. The team of chefs and professionals in our research and development department continuously create and perfect ideas for new products.
Main courses
Chicken potatoes and mushrooms, devilled chicken, or Mediterranean-style chicken to satisfy all tastes. Original, tasty and exclusive dishes offer something special to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers.
A rich assortment of outstandingly tasty mushrooms of the highest quality ensure a high degree of added value. The flavor is guaranteed by careful selection of fresh ingredients and home-cooked recipes. Added value is provided by perfect portion control of the finest quality mushrooms which are ready to heat and serve in minutes without waste or the release of excess water. Porcini, champignons and mixed mushrooms provide a wide choice and great quality.
Side Dishes
Our range of carefully selected and prepared vegetables to bring wholesome goodness to any table. Tasty dishes that blend perfectly with meat or fish: mushrooms and potatoes, artichokes and potatoes, delicious side dishes. A complete selection of Italian specialties, enriched with innovative, contemporary dishes.
Recipes rich with grains and brimming with healthy goodness. A range of products designed to respond to market demand for health-conscious products: quinoa, bulgur, barley, farro and rice blended with wisdom and fantasy. Ideal with both meat and fish or with mushrooms and vegetables but at the same time providing vegetable protein to meet the modern needs of vegan consumers.